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Tonka3D started in 2008 with the purpose of teaching and empowering people through courses held in classroom, but which were later transformed into video classes. As the information loaded was too big , the student did not have access to all content classes, but with the video classes, today they can review these lessons and watch whenever and wherever they wish and without any losses. All DVDs come with a support online in our forum so that students have access directly with the instructor and can take questions along with the video lessons, thus enhancing further their learning.

Initially serving the domestic market in Brazil with content entirely in Portuguese, our courses were designed for those who want to learn and specialize in digital models, 3D modeling and animation, creating characters for films and games, visualization projects and object modeling for commercials and television etc. In all of our courses, we adopt the 3ds Max as our main platform for 3D.

We also offer 3D character modeling and animation services for companies, studios, producers etc. and in addition, we also own great media packages containing rich 3D content with textures, 3ds Max materials, training videos and many other resources designed for digital artists, photographers, producers, cg students etc. Beyond that, we have a discussion forum opened for the 3D community and suitable for whom are entering in the 3D world or already working with digital art so that they can share their experience with other users. And there is also the Tonka3D blog, where we post inspiring news and tips about computer graphics.


Rodrigo Banzato

Our courses and content are based on artistic concepts that are not attached to tools, aiming to show in a simple and straightforward way the best artistic results in a production. Our art director and founder Rodrigo Banzato, is an experienced instructor, 3D artist and game designer professional with several award-winning projects made for contests and studios in all over the world.

Our teaching method and content creation process is quite clear and objective and is not just based on tools, but in projects based on artistic productions.

We know that is not the technology itself that generates results, but all the artists behind the scenes.


Promote and teach the best techniques available in the field of computer graphics, along with great services and high quality content in order to delight and empower our customers.


The name Tonka3D emerged in 2002 with a short film produced by Rodrigo Banzato in his graduating work in Industrial Design at a renowned brazilian education institution located in Sao Paulo, called FAAP . At the time, the resources and study materials available were very limited for CG in Brazil, but with perseverance and dedication, Banzato was able to put into practice all his knowledge and skills, which provides him now a days several highlights within publications, major CG websites and projects for games, advertising and movies. There has been many years of study and specialization, working as a freelancer for game producers, advertising agencies and computer graphics schools.

With a solid experience and a great gathering base class, in 2008, Banzato founded his own training center, called Tonka3D, in São Paulo, Brazil, where he continued to teach his courses, but with a proposal for differentiated teaching project-based artistic. Then, in 2009, he managed to put in place a way to accelerate this learning process through the transformation of his courses into video classes, this way benefitting many other students.

Today, Tonka3D is a reference in Brazil for its video training courses in computer graphics and we are always working to bring new products and innovations to our customers, as well as great services, rich publications and value content to the work enhancement of artists, designers, students and CG professionals.