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TOTAL IMAGE is a collection of textures, 3ds Max materials (ready for Mental Ray, V-Ray and I-Ray), and video classes related to image creation, HDRI, panoramic photo, render techniques, 3d and interactivity. It turns anyone's job easier when working with digital art, for designers, studios, producers, photographers, 3d artists and CG students.

This collection is essential not only for its incredible selection of more than 1500 exclusive textures, references, HDRI, materials etc., but also for its excellent and comprehensive training content with 57 videos with over 15 hour lessons.

It showcases a detailed process from the very beginning to the end how to get the best quality of a texture or image, either through an ordinary photograph or a panoramic 360, without any secrets! You will be amazed with this fantastic content and the benefits you will get in a quick and efficient way all those resources, which are just indispensable for your audiovisual productions.

1500 textures, 3ds Materials, 57 training videos

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  • because they are tileable textures, which in other words are made so that they can be repeated by completing a larger region;
  • because they have up to 4000 pixels resolution (HDRI-360 up to 14000 pixels), ensuring a very high quality texture;
  • because they have beyond the traditional channels, the normalmap and displacement channels, bringing details that have never seen before in any other cg or 3d content package for artists;
  • because many of them have sub textures, ensuring even greater handling in several application possibilities;
  • because they have materials already prepared for V-Ray, Mental Ray and I-ray, ensuring an easy application in your project, and will not need to mount and adjust the values ​​of the maps, and you may also track it all in our video lessons included in this collection.


    See how the contents of the Tonka3D Total Image collection is divided among its over 1500 textures, dozens of materials for 3ds Max already set and more than 15 hours of video lessons:

    • 3Ds Max – Examples (a series of ready files using our textures and materials); see an example »
    • Brick Wall (several materials and textures of different walls with exclusive normalmap and displacement channels); see an example »
    • Cloth / Pano (several materials and cloths and fabrics textures with exclusive normalmap and displacement channels); see example »
    • Concrete / Concreto (several materials and concrete textures with exclusive normalmap and displacement channels); see example »
    • Dirt / Sujeira (a series of dirt textures to extend your map options); see an example »
    • Ground / Chão (a number of materials and floor textures with exclusive normalmap and displacement channels); see an example »
    • HDRI – 360 (a series of 360 HDRI maps up to 14000 pixels resolution); see an example »
    • HDRI - UDK Game (lesson files of the interactive panoramic made ​​in UDK); see an example »
    • Human body / Corpo humano (a number of materials and textures of the human body, as well as references); see an example »
    • Metal (a series of materials and metal textures with exclusive normalmap and displacement channels); see an example »
    • Misc / Diversos (a diversity of textures and materials including plates, signs, culverts, blood etc.); see an example »
    • Photos / Fotos (a series of treated photos in Photoshop for your using); see an example »
    • Places / Locais (a series of images showing various locations); see an example »
    • Sky / Céu (a series of sky pictures, with manipulations and adjustments with Photoshop); see an example »
    • Stone / Pedra (several materials and stone textures with exclusive normalmap and displacement channels); see an example »
    • Trees and Plants / Árvores e Plantas (several materials and textures of trees, plants, weeds etc.); see an example »
    • Wood / Madeira (several materials and textures of different kinds of wood); see an example »
    • In addition, we also included 57 training videos with over 15 hours of lessons, showing the technique of each type and see an example » texture creation and talling about Photoshop, Mudbox, 3ds Max, PTGUI, NDO, UDK etc.. You will learn many things about textures, materials, render, photographs, images, panoramas, post-production and interactivity. Watch below some demonstration videos of these video lessons:






    • 1. Panoramic 360 HDR WEB - you will learn how to insert your HDR 360 image directly on your internet browser, a perfect way to showcase your work to customers and friends (CLICK OVER THE IMAGE BELOW TO ROTATE THE PANORAMIC VIEW);

    • 2. Equipment and Techniques - you will meet the equipment and the correct way to take your photos to save time in handling textures and images;

    • 3. Image Manipulation - you will learn how to create and manipulate your images, creating tileable textures, normalmap textures, displacement textures, color corrections, special composition of images, presentations etc.;

    • 4. Materials - you will learn how to apply your textures in V-Ray, Mental-Ray and I-ray materials, without misleadings, aiming for practicality and optimization;

    • 5. Render - you will learn advanced techniques for rendering V-Ray, Mental Ray and I-ray, always seeking the highest quality and practicality, all this along with our textures;

    • 6. Panoramic 360 HDR UDK - you will learn how to take 360 panoramic photos, adjust the HDR, merge them into the computer and use them within the UDK, creating a virtual tour of a real scene.


    We use various software to demonstrate different production techniques and more importantly, you do not need previous knowledge in any of them, among whom we highlight the Photoshop, 3ds Max, UDK, PTGui, Photomatix, Mudbox, NDO, V-ray, I-Ray, Mental Ray and Verold, all focused on the production of images, textures, photographs and render materials. Make sure these lessons are very well explanained and taught (see above some of these video lessons demonstration).


    Following is a 3d art final work made by 3d artist Rodrigo Banzato for CG Society contest, where he used 90% of the textures from this collection (click to enlarge):

    You can also use the Total Image available textures, materials, photographs etc. to create mockups, games, movies, advertise videos etc. Watch below a video created using the materials included in this amazing collection:

TOTAL IMAGE will broaden your horizons and ensure you with a high quality final artwork. You will not miss any detail through our renowned experienced instructor and 3D artist Rodrigo Banzato.


The content of the Total Image collection is protected by copyright law and belong to Tonka3D Computacao Grafica Ltda. This content may not be resold, copied, republished, loaned or otherwise redistributed.

The content the Total Image collection is offered royalty free when used within a work of art. You can modify it any way you wish, according to your needs, however, such modifications are still derivatives of the original image and you can not sell or distribute as your own textures, so either separately or included in any product or files.

A typical example of what is not allowed would be you selling your own designs or materials together with our textures. This counts as reselling our textures and violates the license agreement. Although not very typical, using these textures as training material in your own training projects, also states as a resale and violates the license agreement.

If you are proposing to use these textures in your personal portfolio or in a production for games, movies or advertising, this is allowed as long as the textures are included with its files not be accessible to the end user.

For more details about all the use rights of our products and services, please access our terms of use and privacy policy found in the footer of this website or contact us through our contact form.